Friday, July 7, 2006

Don't Marry her!!!

Today's blog goes out to April who made me swear on everything I owned and didn't own that I would not turn out to be like "Marsha"... Not sure who Marsha is? keep reading...


We've all heard the term Bridezilla but I'm not sure that we've all seem a real life, in person, Bridezilla in action. I used to think it would be funny and entertaining to watch a woman run around like a chicken with the ax stuck halfway through the back her neck. But after watching and episode of the "hit series" Bridezilla on the Women's Entertainment (WE) channel... I am totally ashamed that any woman would have it in her to act such a way. The show's website features a veil-wearing bride in a straight-jacket - an unbelievable site unless you have seen these women in action - more specifically "Marsha" the chick that is marrying a dude named "Archie". (This couple is not featured on the website listing -


This episode features Marsha, the WORST bride ever in the history of reality TV, who clearly needs to have her way and will get it at any cost, even if it means trampling over the feelings of her super-sensitive groom-to-be, Archie. While Marsha continues to stomp all over him, he responds by bawling and begging her to marry him. Huh? Right. You heard me correctly. And I'm sure this isn't a new, wedding induced side of her personality. It was just so natural for her. 


So why did he insist on making a lifelong* commitment to this woman who totally disrespected and embarrassed him in every way? It almost made me feel as if they were getting married for the sake of having a wedding and for her to play dress up with her 15 bridesmaids (cut down from the original 22 she was planning to have). His sister simply played "mediator" to their fight, but let it be known that if either of my brothers try to marry a chick like that she will NOT make it to the alter!! And i still can't for the life of me, after watching this episode twice, figure out HOW this wedding costed over $80,000!!! (The episode summary is here -


 So, if anyone is bored on a Wednesday night (or whatever night it comes on in your hood), check out the WE channel and get a good idea of how NOT to act when your time comes!


(*) I put this in that sentence because I laughed as soon as I typed that word and thought about them not making it a month wihtout killing each other.


Are you ready?????????????? Today's item of the day is worth spending half a month's rent on - Summer showed this to me and I did everything short of cashing out my 401K and running over to Marshall Fields! Its got the peep toe, the chunky heel, the pave or patent leather... what more could you ask for in a shoe???? I think I'm in love with this one...  (BTW - they are available in Dark Brown or Old Pink - as shown below - on Zappos, in Navy or Platinum at Nordstrom and in Black on

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Who's kids are they???

Today's blog goes out to Rickey who ended the perfect extended holiday weekend by mistakenly allowing the kid from hell to stay over. The whole situation made us think - is there an unwritten cut off age at which women should no longer have that first child because at that point they aren't sane enough to raise the kid properly???


I am going to go off on a limb and guess that the mother of this 7 year old terror was late 40's to early 50's and the father could have easily been pushing 60. This child ran everything and everybody. While hanging around mixing drinks and having adult conversations about everything from careers to hairstyles the kid walked up to the group of women, about 10 of us, all between 21 and 40. We began cooing about how adorable she looked and when one young lady asked what she liked to do the kid threw her hand up on that hip, swung it out to the side and began her conversation with the words "Speaking of which..." She could barely finish what she was saying, although we all laughed so hard in disbelief that I doubt anyone understood a word that came out after that. The proud mom looked on with glee at her adult child carrying on conversation that was well beyond her years. No comments from the proud parents when she walked between two talking men to ask one to entertain her on the piano, no apology from the on looking mom when I had to firmly tell her to remove her butt from the 4' high stair railing and to seal the deal - complete cooperation from her father when she called him at 2AM from the kitchen phone to inform him that she was ready to go home. (Rickey told her to get her tail back in bed cause he wasn't taking her anywhere that time of night).


Does anyone else notice that parents who bear their first child at the later end of the "young adult" age spectrum tend to seem a bit overwhelmed and less "hands on" in the area of discipline? I would like to research stuff like this - but I don't even know where to start. Rickey refers to it as being "in love" with your child, which is MUCH different from simply loving them, and I agree that can be a big problem for a lot of parents.


That being said - don't let your kids run wild just because you're too tired or too scared to put them in their place! My dad put his foot down so much I have to look back every once in a while and make sure its not still there. You know you did a great job when it carries over into adult hood!


And what you have all been waiting for - the item of the day is the Marcelle bag by Kooba - I'm LOVING the big purse trend! (sorry about the grommets Summer - I know you don't care for them!)