Monday, October 18, 2010

I Love My Hair!

This Sesame Street video is flying around the internet and I liked it so much I made it the main video on my blog! I had been waiting and waiting for a video that inspired me nearly as much as the Dove “Evolution” ad (which showed the process of turning a model into a MODEL but pretty much creating a new, an artificial, person – which is unfortunately the image we are encouraged to envy by mainstream media). This muppet shows off her many hairstyles and sings a very cute song to show them off. I LOVE THIS VIDEO!

Sesame Street “I Love My Hair”

I got my first relaxer (chemical straightening process, for those who aren’t familiar) in my kitchen when I was seven years old. Yesterday I finally watched Chris Rock’s movie “Good Hair”, and nearly cried when they showed 3 and 4 year old kids getting perms because they “needed to”! ARGH!!! They are babies!!! Overall the movie was a very interesting one… funny, yes. But it really talked about so many aspects of a Black woman’s crown and glory… and a source of so much pain, both internally and physically, that many people can never truly understand.

In undergrad I changed my regular 8 week relaxer schedule to 12 weeks, then 16 weeks, then 6 months and eventually I was getting them once a year… which was when I realized I really didn’t NEED them at all. So I stopped wasting my money on relaxers (but still fed my addition for hair coloring!). I grew my relaxed hair out, chopping it as I went to get rid of the old processed hair. I started trying new products and styling tools for straightening and began to embrace my naturally curly hair. I was initially terrified to wear it curly to work and I used to straighten my hair before job interviews or big events.  I created a “hair diary” a while back… I’m still adding old and new pics to it, but this shows fav pics of a lot of the different hair phases I’ve been through.

Now, I do whatever is convenient, because I love my hair curly AND straight and in the end, what is most important to me is having HEALTHY hair! I love to see my girlfriends, many of whom are “natural” and happy, and all the creative styles they come up with. I have lawyers and doctors and engineers and teachers in my circle who embrace their natural textures and rock em like they belong on a concert stage somewhere. Check some of us out… (No creamy crack allowed… LOL)

IMG_2002 IMG_0952 pancheros I in LA trick 045

NOW…. years later… I can actually say I LOVE MY HAIR!! I can’t imagine ever putting those chemicals in my hair or on my scalp again.

If you’re considering the transition (cause it isn’t easy for everyone!) check out some of the sites below for suggestions, inspiration and pics of other women who made the transition and are loving their hair!

Be sure to go out and get the movie “Good Hair”!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nacional 27 in Chicago (River West)

Yes... I know... Another Latin place… *insert smile*… but my recent dinner date at Nacional 27 was AWESOME! I figured I'd post here since I've been posting so many Latin spots over on ChiLanta Foodies! Check out our dinner selections from the AWESOME MENU

We started with the n27 combination platter - smoked chicken empanada, boniato and plantain croqueta, bbq’d lamb taco, shrimp skewer (I didn’t think about taking a pic until I had already devoured it!!!)

…followed by the N27 ROAST SUCKLING PIG “CUBANO” refereed to as the 10th anniversary of Nacional 27's roast suckling pig… “cubano” accompanied by caramelized onion mashed cuban sweet potatoes, eggplant with spicy tomatoes, coconut rice, black beans, chicharr√≥nes, ancho pork jus…
suckling pig
….and my date had the beef tenderloin "medallions" - spanish cheese-potato gratin, red wine jus  (with chimichurri, blue cheese and truffle crust)
beef medallions
Thursday nights also feature salsa lessons (in the middle of the dining floor) at 7:30. There were quite a few couples out there having a good ol time on the dance floor!!

Great choice for a date or even just for dinner and drinks with friends! **Tip: RSVP by phone and ask for the booth seating to get a good view of the dance floor!

I haven’t posted an item of the day in what seems like FOREVER! So today’s item of the day is the  MARC JACOBS Camille large leather tote for only $1,850 on net-a-porter. This bag is sooo perfect for a working woman, much like myself, who wants to carry her items in a stylish, timeless bag. Its out of my “current” budget.. but who knows. Maybe one of these Powerball tickets will hit and I’ll order it tomorrow :-) or maybe not… Have a good one!!
marc jacobs camille totemarc jacobs camille tote 2

Monday, October 4, 2010

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Chicago Food… on the other blog

Great times at Zocalo, Caf√© Iberico and La Fonda del Gusto this weekend! Rather than posting twice, I’ll just direct you to ChiLanta Foodies where you can check out the pics and review….

Also check out my previous post on “A Taste of Brazil” in Oak Park, IL.

La Fonda Del Gusto sign