Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Too Much to Tell....

So I'm finally back, started my new job today and after such a whirlwind week I don't have the energy to write about everything I have been through. So here's the summary...

Saturday May 19 - Landed in Miami around noon... stayed at the Intercontinental hotel, with the beautiful view and partied at Club Fifth in South Beach that night with some friends from college... the girl in the pic was the coolest bartender on earth!

Sunday May 20 - left Miami for the TJMS Fantastic Voyage Cruise on the Royal Carribean "Freedom of the Seas" (according to Wikipedia, it's the world's LARGEST passenger vessel). I saw so many Black celebrities I can't even begin to name them... the upper level suite I stayed in was huge, had a large balcony and was between Eddie Levert and Tito Jackson! The first night of the cruise was a gospel concert hosted by Dr. Bobby Jones and the performers were Shirley Murdock, Kelly Price, Rickey Smiley and Shirley Ceasar. It was the MOST AMAZING concert I could have ever imagined!!!! I am hoping to get some pics from some people I met because I didn't bring my camera!! Here are some pics of the ship and the entertainers... I was only there the first 3 days but I would have loved to stay longer!

Tuesday May 22 - hit the San Juan, Puerto Rico port and had to RUSH to the aiport to get back to the mainland. Overnight in Miami and Wednesday morning I was on my way to Dallas to get ready for Sharifa's wedding!! Here are pics from some of the events and the actual wedding... it was so much fun!!! (the lady in the red shirt is Tammie from Raw Cuts salon in Desota, TX)

More detail to come!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Growing up and moving on...

Today will be my last day at a wonderful company. I took a job here after finishing graduate school and have had a very exciting and interesting two years. I am leaving with sadness and yet excitement for the new opportunity that lies before me.

This week the blog will be slow, not that its always consistent anyway. This weekend I am going to Miami, heading on the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage Cruise (but only for the first 3 days), then going to Dallas to help Sharifa get ready for her big day. Its kinda of a celebration of my many accomplishments and the bright future that everyone at my old job seems to think I have!

I will have lots of pics when I return and, I'm sure, lots of stories! Until then, I ask that you pray that I have lots of fun and a safe return!

The item of the day is a passport cover... that I can't find anywhere. I want a cover for my new passport but it needs to be cute, girly, durable, convenient and loaded with personality. I have been searching the net high and low and have yet to find "THE ONE"... if you have any suggestions leave it in the comments or send me an email!!


Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The 2007 National Super Shot Champion

I had such an exciting weekend!!! Friday was a rough start though. I woke up in a hotel in Madison, WI and spent the entire day in seminars at the ASHRAE Regional conference. I learned about houses and buildings that used little to no energy (yes, there is a such thing as a house that actually has no electric bill  - cool huh?). After hopping a plane back to Minneapolis, I went to my masseuse, got a tune up, took a nap and went to party with my girls up here. We hung out at this new, low-key, after hours spot in the city that was open from 12-5AM. By 4AM, I was dozing off and needed to get some sleep so I could wake up early and go see....

While I do think Spiderman 2 is the best of the trilogy, Parts 1 and 3 tie for second. Spiderman had a great plot, but Spiderman 3 had some awesome action scenes, especially towards the end.

So after Spiderman I went with a friend to Gameworks. As one of those manly guys who plays basketball regularly, he laughed heartily when I challenged him to a game of Super Shot - my favorite arcade game ever. If you have never seen or played this, its a basketball game where you have to make as many shots as you can before the 60 seconds is up. We played on "Continuous" so the backboard moved constantly - providing the opportunity for both 2- and 3-point shots. I let him talk all the junk while I got my stretch on. Yes, this is NOT A GAME. I was out for blood.

Game 1 - the warm up. Final score Bobby* 56 - Cherish 72 (beating my previous record of 70). *names have been changed to protect the loser innocent*

Lots of junk talking begins - and you know I'm not the one doing it.... it is also pointed out that I am "cheating" because I have 5 balls and he only had 3. So, being the kind person I am, I apologized (I really didn't know) and gave him one. So now we're even. 4 balls each. So swipe the Gameworks card and stop crying....

Game 2 - the season begins. Final score Bobby 69 - Cherish 100. Yes. I hit triple digits!!!! I was ecstatic. But I don't talk trash so I simply blew a kiss and said "Let's go". Meanwhile, Bobby is staring in disbelief. Not only did he get CRUSHED by a girl, she hit 3-figures - nobody in the place that day had ever seen that happen. As we're laughing, two unsuspecting men walk up and decide to play. Bobby blurts out "I bet you can't beat my girl" and the guys start cracking up. Then they realize he's serious and have the nerve to challenge me after doubting I could have hit 100. So....

Game 3 - the scrimmage. I played the random guys and the final score: Man A 20+ - Man B 52 - Cherish 94. By then I was hungry.

After eating my free "winner's meal" at Applebee's Bobby still wasn't giving up. So back to Gameworks we went.

Game 4 - the playoffs. Bobby 65 - Cherish 85. Only 20 points left on the card - enough for one more round.

Game 5 - the championship. Bobby 86 - Cherish 82. Yeah, he bet me. I was going to let him win and let him get about 10 points ahead of me. But about 20 seconds before the buzzer I changed my mind and pressed my "turbo" button but it was too late and I was too tired. He won and I congratulated him. The rematch will happen soon enough...

Right now, its pouring outside and I'm so sleepy. Which makes me think about an item of the day that I could really use when I wake up after stormy nights like this one.... click the photo for details... Have a great week!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Spring is here!!!

I am so excited about Spring being here! The 70-80 degree days and beautiful music from the birds out the window... these things make living in Minnesota not so bad after all!

I have had a busy past two weeks - thus the lack of posting. But I have lots to  tell! Random stuff - Last week I finished Eric Jerome Dickey's latest book "Sleeping with Strangers", and I won't go into detail for fear of spoiling the ending for those who intend to read it. All I can say is - that book was great! The writing was poetic and the action kept me on the edge of my seat right down to the last sentence. I am eagerly awaiting his next novel! Last weekend I also tried to watch the movie "The Break Up" with Jennifer Anniston and Vince Vaughn and it was absolutely irritating to watch 2 hours of a couple arguing. On a more positive note, one of the highlights of my week was playing around with my baby cousin... he's so much fun!

This summer I have 6 weddings I am trying to attend (all out of town), a girls' trip to Chicago and a class reunion. That means a lot of serious budgeting and great excuses to wear some of these dresses I've been buying. This past week I was all over the sale and clearance racks. Here are some of my great buys:

  • Blue dress from Francesca's in Maple Grove, on sale for $24
  • Green dress by Kenneth Cole Reaction, at Macy's for $80 w/coupon
  • Black MICHAEL by Michael Kors T-strap Sandal, DSW for $44
  • Calvin Klein satin clutch, Off Fifth for $59 (Gift card!) - It matches nicely with those Mui Mui sandals I got for Christmas!






The item of the day is this French Connection dress that I've had my eyes on for a couple of weeks now... the pattern is so cool and funky, while the material is thin and summery and the fit is so "in" right now! I'm trying to wait for it to go on sale!!