Thursday, July 9, 2009

Can a FreakUm Dress be Classy?

To those of you who don’t know what a “freakum dress” is, here is the definition from the Urban Dictionary:

a sexy dress, that every woman has, which shows off her goodies; it's worn to attract guys (while making her own guy jealous).

While Beyonce apparently didn’t make the term up, she definitely made it popular with her song “FreakUm Dress” and the sexy video that went along with it.

Now, in the video, these girls have on some FA REAL Freakum dresses…. super short, very tightly fitted and shiny.

beyonce freakum dressbeyonce freakum single cover

Now, I don’t particularly go for the these types of dresses (meaning, more specifically, those shiny types in the video, LOL) but as Beyonce says, EVERY WOMAN GOT ONE. If you don’t have one, you better get one. Some women assume a freakum dress has to be trashy, sparkly or too short to walk in… but that’s not the case. There are some classy, sexy options out there… many were brought to my attention with the current sale going on at Saks Fifth Avenue. Check out these numbers, ladies… They aren’t quite as short as Beyonce’s in the video, but they are definitely guaranteed to turn heads. Find the style that fits your shape best and grab your girlfriends. Don’t hesitate to pull out your freakum dress at least once this summer… and when they play your song get on up an shake it!!!

For those who like it SHORT! (some of these are listed at under $100 too!)

velvet shine tube dressElla Moss colorblockBCBG gathered miniBlack Halo sillk cowlnecktibi Mandarin Strapless DressLaundry by Shelli Segal shirred dressEmilio Pucci one shoulder dressAlexander Wang one shoulder stretch 

For the more conservative crowd…

Alexander McQueen cowlneckTwelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent embroidered dress

Oh, and don’t forget to wear some sexy heels with it!!