Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm back!

I'm back. Shout out to the anonymous person who left a comment on my last blog!! Thanks for the support, its good to know somebody sees it!

I finally bought a car, and I love it! I was referred by my brilliant father to the Mercury Milan, one of the last cars I even thought to consider. After test driving it I was convinced I had found my car. I was so set on all of these cars that were more expensive, but then I had to sacrifice the additional options I wanted (sunroof, leather, etc.). So in the end I got a nicely loaded car, with much better gas mileage than my old SUV was getting, and it didn’t cost much more. On top of all that, my insurance rate dropped. You can't beat that package!

At work things are picking up so I've got a lot more excitement in my day. I have been home a few more weekends than normal so I have been able to hang out with my friends more often and just relax. Life is good. Stressful and torture-some at times, but none the less, overall I would have to say I am beyond blessed!

I played the lottery this week after dreaming about 6 numbers last week. I woke up and wrote them down right away. No luck when I played them for today. I'm still broke. But if I had won, after paying off my loans and making a few other big moves, I would have treated myself to the David Yurman Albion Lemon Citrine Enhancer sterling silver necklace with the huge yellow stone and pave diamonds. Now THIS is classy, elegant and still has that "bling, bling" effect! Head down to your local Saks Fifth Avenue store and you can have your own for just $1490...

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Can someone just buy me a car?

I WAS on a roll, but I guess I fell off. But I had two good reasons – 1: nobody reads this blog, and 2: I have been trying to buy a car.

 Buying a car is NOT fun. The only fun is test driving and actually riding off with the new car before the payments start to sink in. I decided to lease again, which means my payments will be much lower than a lot of my friends, but I have to give my car to some strange person 2 years from now, never to be seen again. I don’t seem to get that attached to my vehicles so I doubt that will be too serious of a problem. The hardest part is choosing one. I set my budget and then I think abut all the things I can add for “just a little” more and the next thing you know I’m $150 (per month) over budget and can’t get back on track!

 Needless to say this whole process has been driving me up a wall. I wish I were in a Lexus commercial where you walk outside and there is a pretty Lexus with a red bow waiting for me in front of the house! Oh, that would be wonderful. Then I can erase all the emails and shred all the papers and stop thinking about what the heck I am going to drive! But since life is not scripted like a tv commercial, I must go and fight the men and women who seemingly control my budget… life sucks…

 Since I'm daydreaming I may as well force anyone else curious enough to land on this website to do the same. Here's the item of the day... the shoe that I am in love with. But whoever said "love don't cost a thing" lied to me... On sale at for the low, low price of $680... ugh...