Friday, July 27, 2007

Slowing coming back to the blogosphere....

So I lied when I said this new laptop would be the beginning of a more consistent blog... it just isn't happening. I would blame it on the summer weather up here in Minnesota (nearly 100 degrees today) but the weather really doesn't change my daily life much. So that excuse won't work. I'd say I was busy with my newest goal of homeownership by 2008. But nope, that is only a small part of my delay. I really want to blame on depression as a result of my new and improved "Limited Shopping Diet" (yes, another one) but then I feel like I am admitting that I am lost without my favorite "hobby" which, true as it may be, is not a valid reason either and I'm really not THAT sad about it...  probably because I keep managing to convince myself that the $20 tops and $8 socks don't really count because I NEED them... LOL... Lets move on from that topic.. I'm starting to sound crazy!

I am on the phone right now with Sharifa discussing Beyonce's mishap last night in here Orlando concert... the poor girl fell down 12 steps during her concert and landed on her FACE. Whew!!! Luckily, she was ok except for a gash on her knee but her pleas for the concert-goers to not post videos of the fall on YouTube went unheard. YouTube has done a good job of removing the postings, but has a video link called "Beyonce takes a tumble" on the front page under "Breaking News". If you need a giggle tonight head over there and click the link... Sharifa said she had to watch the full video twice before she stopped laughing. LOL... she's the red and beige blob on the steps: 

Poor Beyonce... but on to more important things...

Next weekend is my Annual Girls Getaway! Windy City watch out!!!!! This is the first time the whole crew is going to be present... yes all NINE of us!! I don't know whether to be excited or scared. LOL - 9 beautiful, educated, hard-working young women sharing one condo together for a weekend of fun away from the jobs, men, kids and bills!!!! Oh man, I can only imagine what people would pay to be a fly on that wall... hmmm... that might be a good way to make some money next week... any offers??? Sharon wanted to make sure we all knew that Sunday August 5 is National Friendship Day. I guess she thinks that is going to make us get along better or something??? LOL - sometimes her medication makes her think crazy things like that. Be prepared for some funny posts next week.

Shoebox Friendship Card

**everything about this line was typed on Wednesday - the Beyonce video has since changed names for the select few Earthlings who have yet to see it...***

Cover: Whoa, whoa, whoa, Feelings...
Inside: Friends don't let friends make asses of themselves in public. Well... maybe sometimes.






Since my shopping is severely limited to a minimal budget, I will spare us all from the luxury items and post some affordable items from the big Macy's Clearance Sale going on on (online and in stores). There was a Kenneth Cole Reaction close-out last week. EVERYTHING was marked down to $19.99. CRAZY! I got a couple of things including a white wrap dress (pictured in red below). At the Saks Off Fifth I found some cute tops at Buy One Get One Half Off like the Romeo and Juliet Fleur-de-Lis tank shown in blue (except mine is green). DSW had an amazing "additional 80% off" sale and I found some really cute leather flip flops marked down from an original price of $90 and these BCBG flats that I absolutely LOVE!

Other great sale items to check out at Macy's sale! Better hurry - They are selling faster than I can post them!

I was going to sign off without an item of the day... but then I remembered something I saw earlier at a store called StyledLife in downtown Minneapolis. This is one of the hot, new bags from Kooba. It feels so soft and has a very cute fit. I love the bow. Now I just need about $500... I can front the $35 that's left over... LOL

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Back in The Day....

Last weekend was my 10 year class reunion. I was really not trying to make the trip to Detroit to attend but my best friends from high school, who are still my best friends today, insisted on it. Sharon went as far as to sit in an overcrowded airport with waitlists about 30 people long and pray that she could drag me on the plane with her buddy pass. The wait was hilarious as we sat in front row seats to watch the guy who was determined to sleep in the MIDDLE of the floor, right in front of the gate. So when a plane landed at the gate people were forced to step over or around the guy. Then there was "book man" - the young guy who pretended to be engrossed into his novel yet his eyes were never pointed towards the pages. Oh, and I can't forget "Mr Frustrated" who sat on his suitcase just behind the sleepy man and put his head in his hands as if he were a statue representation for frustrated fliers around the globe.

When we finally made it on the 11PM flight to Detroit, she convinced me to offer up my exit row seat for seat a two rows back so she and I could talk across the aisle. I guess that wasn't enough for her... she then offers my comfy aisle seat to the guy in the middle seat next to her so we can sit side by side. I put up a fake fuss when the guy jumped up and was in front of me waiting for me to move before I had even unbuckled my seat belt... but I think the passengers around us were probably more upset than we were because it was like amateur night at the Apollo in Row 12 with the two of us side by side. Especially after Sharon borrowed my iPod, turned the volume up and repeatedly tried to talk loud enough to hear herself over the music. The man in the seat next to us was having a blast and I think he would have offered to take us home and raise us as his own daughters if he wasn't already overwhelmed with his 2 kids that are still living with him.

So the reunion overall was a great experience. Thank you Sharon for dragging me on that plane! Many of the people who were there I had seen or spoken with at some point over the past 10 years but there were quite a few people I wondered about and it was good to see them still breathing and making a name for themselves on this earth. I hear there were some people who were uncomfortable about coming because of falling outs and problems that happened 10+ years ago. It made me wonder how many people had truly left those things behind them and came to genuinely enjoy themselves, how many came to measure their personal success against classmates whom they felt were less successful in life, and how many came with open hearts to forgive past transgressions and actions of immature teenagers and embrace the beautiful of the adults that many of us have grown to become... who knows? Either way, everything turned out beautiful and we had a great time! Here are some "then and now" pics of me with April and Sharon... the first is from our senior trip to LA in 1997 and the second pic is from the Friday night of the reunion. My how 10 years makes a difference!!!

On the shopping tip I have been picking up a few clothing items here and there. Some of my latest items from Macy's, Off Fifth and Target...

My biggest and best purchase of the summer is my new HP dv6436nr Laptop! It is on sale at Best Buy for $799 (from $899). I read so many comparisons over the week to decide if this is the one I should get. I was putting it up against the Dell 1520 and it was quite a battle that ended with a $250 side by side price difference (HP was cheaper and on sale) and the biggest HP advantage being no patience required while I wait for shipping (Best Buy is up the street with tons of HP's, but the Dell I would have to order and wait). This review on (about a slightly different version of the laptop I bought) was the most helpful and after making my decision I popped in Best Buy at 9:50PM last night and sealed the deal. I haven't stopped using it since I got it!!! Next up - find some laptop skins to decorate the cover... thinking of going with pink and charcoal.... any ideas???