Sunday, September 23, 2007

Feeling cheated??

I wrote a nice complaint letter to the last place I ever thought I would have to - my beloved Macy's. All this time I was touting them as the ultimate in fashionable choices and the best at sale and clearance prices. I wrote blog after blog about the wonderful things I found at Macy's. A few more of which I was excited to post this weekend. But this week, I had to set aside my love for low prices and represent for those who aren't as lucky as me when it comes to searching the racks and often pay full price. It all started with my search for a winter coat...

I saw these coats in the store and went online to show the pictures to my "2007 winter coat sponsor" - A.K.A. Granny. She gave me a budget and I, of course, showed her the links so she could give her opinion. Here are the items (which were not on sale at the time I was looking):

Very excitingly I decided to "check around" the internet and see if any of the other department stores had similar coats.... WHAO! Was I amazed and shocked to find the EXACT SAME coats (though the pictures appear slightly different) at Nordstrom marked at an original price that was over $100 less than the Macy's price. the military style coat below was not on Macy's website but I tried it on in the store and the price tag was $400.


So you can tell by the prices (on the links) that I was upset to think that Macy's could be overcharging its loyal customers like myself... well, maybe not like me - I only buy things when they are well over 50% off! They promised to contact me soon, so I guess we'll see how they plan to explain something that makes a loyal customer being to feel cheated... and well... not so loyal anymore....

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Fun Continues...

I can't help but be behind on my blogging... too much fun in too little time. One more wedding down and one to go. The last one was in Gary, IN - just outside of Chicago. Luckily, I have more time to plan for the meet the parents trip - it was impossible to squeeze that in. Knowing that the wedding was coming up, Bobby and I had a conversation back in August that went like this:

Bobby: Hey, aren't you going to a wedding next month?

Cherish: Yeah, why... do you want to go with me?

Bobby: Well, I guess I could. It would be nice to meet your friends.

Cherish: Well, these will be all of the crazy friends and I am not sure if their husbands/boyfriends are coming.

Bobby: **hesitates* Well, that's ok. I'll still go with you.

Cherish: Really? Cool.

Bobby: So where is this wedding?

Cherish: Gary, IN

Bobby: Gary???? Oh hell no. I am not going to Gary. And you need to be staying at home yourself!!!!

So, having driven through Gary a small handful of times in the past, I really didn't know much about the city or what I was getting myself into. It was like a little version of the East Side of Detroit. Made me feel at home. And I hadn't seen so many Black people in a long time. Well, not since I was in Detroit for Labor Day. But while the wedding was beautiful the city made for great jokes. Can you imagine 2 of your typical bourgeois AKA's with 3 of the most ghetto AKA's all in one vehicle riding through the hood??? I swear I need my own reality show. We went into SaveMore (all dressed in black - at the bride's request) and all of the men were hooting and hollering about "the sexy chicks leaving the funeral". It was definitely a party to remember - complete with people wearing suits in every Skittles color imaginable. Aside from the actual wedding. we spent the rest of the weekend in Chicago having a blast. Here are some pics of the city and the wedding/party/crunkfest.... and yes - we did the SOUJA BOY at the reception!

Back in Chicago we spent Sunday morning at YOLK - my new favorite Chicago breakfast spot! Everyone held up their food for the camera. It was great!

Then we had to say good-bye so I could catch my flight!! I was so sad - I love hanging out with these girls. They are the coolest!


In honor of my trip - my item of the day is the AMP energy drink. I needed one so bad by the end of the trip. Some people like Red Bull, some like Sobe... I prefer AMP (by the makers of Mountain Dew) because it tastes like super potent Mountain Dew and does the job. I drank a lot of that stuff back in college on long road trips and some days I feel like I am borderline feigning for one! Have a fun weekend!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Macy's One Day Sale... leads to improvement!

Saturday was Macy's Big One Day Sale and Friday was the "preview day". As I sat at my desk, just a few blocks from Macy's, I could feel the store calling me and saying "just come see me for a few minutes". When an email popped up with a coupon for $10 off your $25 or more sale purchase, it was a sign - and I was on foot. As I walked I was creating my "excuse" for this shopping trip - Sharifa needed some shirts for work and as her personal shopper, I needed to come through. Well, after browsing through the coat sale (25% off all winter coats), the swimwear section (all swimwear marked down to $7.99 or less), and the men's section (polo shirts and shorts for $9.99 or less) - I had nothing. So I take the escalator up to the women's department. I searched the floor, rack by rack at Nascar worthy speeds. Summer clearance - Buy one get one free. Designer clearance - take an extra 40% off lowest prices. I came up with NOTHING for me (and only 2 shirts for Sharifa, which was my goal, right?). Not that there wasn't anything to buy. A cute James Perse dress, a pair of Guess? jeans, the Calvin Klein slacks, a few fun and casual Kenzie and Free People dresses... there was lots to chose from. But nothing I truly NEEDED. I was a little disappointed but at the same time, I felt great! Like I had accomplished something. Yeah, its a small step for mankind. But for me, being able to admit that I didn't NEED to buy something because it was on sale for the price of dirt, is a great thing.... WHEW!!

On to more fun things... Saturday morning included brunch at Basil's - one of my favorite "hidden" yet elegant restaurants in Minneapolis. The ambiance is nice - we sat at the tables overlooking the highly-inactive atrium area in the IDS tower (weekends in Minneapolis are dead).

I ordered: the Garden Vegetable  (Egg Whites, Fresh Sautéed Spinach, Artichoke Hearts, Asparagus Tips, Hash Brown Potatoes)
"Bobby" ordered: French Toasted Banana Bread (Served with Whipped Maple Butter and Pure Maple Syrup)

My food was ok, but "Bobby's" food was great. The Banana Bread was off the hook. I have never had French Toast made with banana bread and it was amazing. Made my omelet feel too healthy and then I didn't want it as much. So I was nice enough to help finish the bread... LOL

I've got that "wear all-black" wedding next weekend and haven't decided what to wear. Thanks for the suggestions from friends and family... they have helped me narrow my choices down. I decided that I don't NEED (there's that word again) another black dress so we're working with what we have. I've also found out that the close proximity to someone else's family might somehow manage to turn this into a "meet the parents" trip... *drumroll*... not confirmed but just to be safe, this afternoon I will be browsing my Elle, Lucky, In Style and Glamour magazines for some cute outfit ideas.

For the item of the day I have been distracted for a few days by the newest iPod on the block - the iPod touch. It looks like a slightly smaller version of the iPhone, plays like an iPod, has built in Wi-Fi and aside from the small storage space (only comes in 8GB and 16GB) its my newest "crush". I need to find out more info - like if the iTunes Wi-Fi store works with the iTunes Store, or can I transfer my music between the two... etc... but for now - its on my steadily growing Christmas list. You writing this down Dad?? I know you're out there reading this...

My other item of the day is the Kenneth Cole Pick-A-Dilly Work Tote. I love this bag and as an up-and-coming professional, its about time to replace the cloth tote bags and move into the world of leather. The $358 price tag is sure to come down soon... right??