Sunday, February 14, 2010

Von Maur Shoe Room - Great Find!!

For the past 2+ years I had obsessed over buying myself a pair of Frye boots (or per the pic on the post I did a while back, the Amelia Airhardt boots, as Bobby refers to them).

With the approach of my most recent birthday I decided to go for the splurge and buy the Frye boots, with a purchase price of around $300. Before I had the chance to order them, I was on the hunt for some dressy shoes for a work event. A co-worker told me to check out Von Maur, DSW and Nordstrom, in that order. Of course, I went in reverse and after no luck at Nordstrom or DSW, I walked into Von Maur and decided to browse the clearance room racks.

Lo and behold, there were quite a few pair of frye boots in there, on sale! I was so excited, but the thing that really caught my eye were these Coach "Whitley" boots in a nice chestnut color. Having seen the boot at regular price ($398) I didn't have much hope for those being on the purchase list but tried them on since my shoes were already off. It fit like a GLOVE!! The boot shaft was perfect over the skinny jeans I was wearing and the color was exactly what I wanted. Not wanting to get my hopes up, I turned the boot over the check out the price.... then I quickly found a sales person to bring me the mate. Can you believe the markdown was $99?!?!?!?!?! I almost forgot I was supposed to be looking for dressy shoes! I boxed those babies up and called it a night! What a birthday!
The item of the day is the Gucci work bag. Not one in particular, but a friend was saying that she wanted to invest in a Gucci bag that is corporate office-friendly and would be a great long term investment at under $1,500. Since Gucci is usually significantly out of my price range, I only check out the bags when I'm "online play-shopping" or reading TPF or sites like that. Always one to share my personal shopping services and skills, I decided to put together a few options that I would recommend.

Guccissima Bronze Tote (great for people who like to keep their work bag and purse separate) $1,260 (SALE)

Key factors for me when finding a work-worthy bag are:

  1. papers/binders should fit comfortably in the bag should I have a meeting to attend
  2. leather, structure and quality/durability are key
  3. select a color/shade that is versatile. 

I have a black bag and a burgundy bag which typically take turns serving this purpose for me when I have to meet with executives or am required to wear a suit. The black goes with almost everything, the burgundy goes with everything else. LOL! If you REALLY want to splurge, try this Gucci Crocodile tote bag for $29,900
What a bag!!!!