Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Chicago Fav... Pierrot Gourmet

I know I owe a summer compilation blog of my food fun in Chicago, but this spot deserved its own recognition. Pierrot Gourmet, in The Peninsula Hotel on the corner of Superior and Rush, was such an amazing experience. The ambiance felt like a small European bistro, and the service was great! When we couldn't decide what to order, our waitress recommended sharing two items, and they even split the plates up for us... skimping on nothing (see photo)! The cheese platter was a great touch and while I skipped dessert, the selection was very tempting.

Two thumbs up for one of my new fav spots!

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stuff engineers do...

So I finally settled on a new bed! Its gets delivered soon and I have to decide where to put it beforehand, since I'm not strong enough to move it afterwards... What better way than using a bit of AutoCAD to draft a quick layout and see what option has the best flow for my furniture??

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sorting through my Mobile Uploads–2011 Random

Every once in a while I gather all of the photos I meant to post into a single blog… here is your entertainment for the week with a summary of some of the year’s events so far…


Valentine’s Day/February Birthday celebrations with the girls at Benihana – the chef left me a message *smile*.


Took this pic of a page in the Macy’s ad and went to find it… In the end didn’t buy it. The model must be way taller than me.


My dad was in Chicago the weekend I took my license and took me on a father daughter movie date that night.


A manager posting this after repeatedly telling me to stop walking/running so fast in the office.


I made it to the United Center taping of the Oprah show. It was the BEST concert ever!!!! I had a blast!!


Spent the holidays with my favorite little cousins at Navy Pier.


Took a trip to Detroit and got to see my Papa’s growing urban garden, including the cantaloupe along the fence (its hanging in the bag in the 3rd pic above).


Oh, and I grew my hair out!!! This pic is from June/July when I first straightened it after a few months of wearing it curly.

When I get a chance, I’ll post the food pics… there were too many to include on this post!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

No more new-car scent...

I got a new car a month ago and the little cousins insisted on breaking the backseat in properly... Having zero kids myself, it was a bit creepy to look in the backseat and see two kids looking back at me!!! LOL... But we had a good time, as always, and I even learned how to install a car seat :-)

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