Saturday, June 19, 2010

Picnics on the Lake

I’m usually not really a sucker for romance, but these picnic baskets by Picnic at Ascot make me want to grab a bottle of wine and a hot guy and spend some time on Lake Michigan! the sale going on at features a number of options, including sets for 2 or 4 people, along with detachable wine and blanket compartments. Check out some of the cool styles featured below and hurry over to if you want to purchase one for your honey or for your family at a cool discounted price! (The sale ends Tuesday night and prices for sets shown below range from $25 to $79)

Picnic at Ascot Aegean Picnic Cooler Set for 4 Picnic at Ascot Picnic Backpack Set for 2 Picnic at Ascot Collaspable Cooler Picnic at Ascot Vienna Coffee Tote Set for 2 Picnic at Ascot Santa Cruz Picnic Cooler Set for 2 Picnic at Ascot Picnic Pack Set for 4 with Blanket

Happy Picnic-ing!!!!