Saturday, May 26, 2012

(Real) Ponytail Support Glue

I went out with friends last night and was too lazy to curl my hair or pull a wash-and-go so I slicked my long hair back into a ponytail (which I rarely ever do for a night out). A while back, I came across the got2b glued water-resistant Styling Spiking Glue and grabbed a trial size to see just how well it might work. This easily became my go-to product for slicked back ponytails! Even after wetting my hands, mixing the glue and brushing it into my hair, it doesn't make my hair get wavy like a lot of gels. After hours of dancing and doubling over with laughter I never have a hair out of place! #success

I included a pic from last night's ponytail look (and for clarification, its all me, no extras although I imagine the product could work for a clip in poytail too). I should have turned more lights on and took a clearer version, but I was rushing so this is the best you will get for this go-round... Enjoy!